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Our research identifies three action areas for the digital industry to maximize impact on SDG achievement. With this report, GeSI reinforces its commitment to steering such action. However, the involvement of all relevant stakeholders will be needed to make sure we realize the Goals.

Scale positive impact

For 65% of the SDGs, the link between access and achievement is positive. We need to keep building on this correlation.

Flip negative impact

Only one SDG currently has a negative access/achievement relationship. Industry needs to work to reverse this correlation.

Innovate for all SDGs

For a number of SDGs, the relationship between access and achievement is still unclear. As new data become available, we will be able to clarify and act on the link.

How do we make it happen ?


Our research found that there is a $2.1 trillion revenue opportunity for the digital industry to realize by 2030 from delivering solutions with a positive SDG impact. The largest part of this, about $1.7 trillion, would come from deploying digital solutions such as e-commerce, e-work, smart buildings, and e-learning, with the remaining $0.4 trillion generated by increased connectivity. 
In addition, applying an SDG lens to their innovation processes by considering the social and environmental aspects of new products and solutions alongside the traditional financial metrics, companies can reap the benefits of improved sustainability performance and reputation.


This project reiterates the GeSI commitment to lead the digital sector impact toward SDG achievement, by: 
• Working with our members, partners, and the wider digital industry;
• Updating and refining our analysis and the Digital Access Index;
• Supporting our members in addressing concerns about the scale of digital transformation
• Engage with all the stakeholders willing to join forces to unleash the full potential of digital for the SDGs.


The system transformation required to achieve the SDGs can only be delivered through joint efforts. GeSI intends to reach out to and work with a wide range of relevant stakeholders:
• Policy-makers: the driving force behind the “rules of the game”, they need to be fully aware of the potential of digital solutions and to ensure a fair regulatory environment;
• Businesses from outside the digital sector: the adopters of digital solutions will be vital partners in ensuring that the industry develops solutions tailored to their needs;
• The SDG community: organizations like the UN, World Bank, SDSN, as well as NGOs and donor organizations are key facilitators of SDG achievement on a global level, and of the adaptation of innovations to local conditions;
• All actors engaged in the collection of statistical evidence for SDG achievement and digital access: GeSI invites you to participate in the development of new indicators to measure progress on our journey towards the SDGs.