01 A strong and positive link

Our work shows new, compelling evidence that the digital industry is positively linked to achieving most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Positive 65%

(11 SDGs)


Negative 6%

(1 SDGs)


Unclear 29%

(5 SDGs)

02 Digital Access Index

The new GeSI Digital Access Index is part of the methodology developed to measure the digital industry contribution to SDG achievement.

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03 Deep dives

The report goes well beyond a coincidental link between digital access and SDG achievement. In-depth exploration of selected SDGs shows how we’re getting closer to establishing a causal relationship.

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04 Industry impact

The digital industry needs to act to scale its positive impacts on the SDGs, flip the negative ones, and innovate for all SDGs in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

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Data tool

Explore in detail the correlation between access and SDG achievement.

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“As this important GeSI report underscores, digital solutions are essential tools for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Broadband connectivity combined with new cutting-edge applications are being adopted for every one of the SDGs, from fighting poverty (SDG 1), to raising the quality of education (SDG 4) and health (SDG 3) and to enabling the scale-up of renewable energy (SDG 7). The telecommunications providers, technology firms, academic centers of excellence, and others in the digital sectors should now step forward boldly to provide breakthrough digital solutions at global scale.”

Jeffrey D. Sachs
University Professor at Columbia University, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General António Guterres on the Sustainable Development Goals

“ We fully support this project that looks closely at how to achieve the UN’s SDG. Taiwan Mobile has just announced its Sustainability Vision 2030 Blueprint – a strategic map for establishing a clear consensus about sustainability KPIs at every level of the company. As an ICT company, we must not be absent from global sustainable development for a better future.”

James Jeng
President, Taiwan Mobile

“Swisscom will play its part in achieving the UN Sustainability Goals, and will rely on this study to inform our efforts. GeSI’s research clearly shows how innovative digital solutions can promote sustainable development.”

Urs Schaeppi
CEO, Swisscom

“Technology from AI to 5 G has the power to transform public safety, education, transportation, manufacturing, energy and more. We have an obligation to make sure innovation best serves the people and communities we serve. This report demonstrates the impact our industry is making and we couldn’t be more optimistic about AT&T’s contribution in what’s to come.”

John Donovan
CEO, AT&T Communications

“GeSI is fully committed to steering the impact of digital solutions on SDG achievement. We will work with our members and partners to scale the positive impact, flip the negative impacts and innovate for all SDGs.”

James Gowen
Chairman, Global e-Sustainability Initiative
Vice President, Supply Chain Operations and Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon

“At the UN Global Compact, we believe private sector engagement is critical to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. And the global business community is stepping up to the challenge, with more and more industries working to measure their impact on supporting the achievement of these Global Goals. Therefore, we welcome initiatives such as GeSI that are taking important steps to help business be an impactful force for good.”

Lise Kingo
CEO & Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact

“Telenor Group places societal value at the center of how we run our business. To achieve the SDGs and the climate agenda, it is necessary to work across sectors and partner with a wide range of stakeholders. Businesses play a key role in driving this change, and we all have a responsibility to ensure that our activities drive equitable and inclusive growth in the markets we serve. Doing so in a sustainable way, leaders must become ambassadors of change. Now is the time to move from words to numbers to impact.”

Sigve Brekke
President and CEO, Telenor Group

“We simultaneously choose ‘purpose, people and profit’ and reject the idea that we have to choose one over the other. This report encourages us in this ambition: it demonstrates how our solutions deliver substantial and meaningful benefits to people and planet as well as value for our business.”

Bob Collymore
CEO, Safaricom

“We at Samsung, devote our talent and technology to creating innovative products and services. Our products and services are designed to help people connect, pursue their best and enrich their life more easily and seamlessly. As a global corporate citizen, we are pursuing opportunities to solve societal challenges with a vision for a sustainable future, in line with the UN SDGs”

Mr. Dong-Jin Koh
CEO, Samsung

“At Unilever, we apply an SDG lens to every aspect of strategy, from innovating to create sustainable solutions to marketing products and services that inspire consumers to make sustainable choices. This report demonstrates the critical role of digital solutions, and I am thrilled about the prospects of using these solutions and working with the digital industry to help us deliver on our commitment toward the SDGs.”

Paul Polman
CEO, Unilever

“This report marks an exciting milestone: the launch of GeSI’s new Digital Access Index. This is the first index that reflects the entire digital industry, allowing us to track and effectively steer how digital solutions impact SDG achievement.”

Luis Neves
Managing Director, Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)

“This report has an important message for businesses: using the positive force of digital transformation and integrating a sustainability lens into the innovation process can unlock business opportunities of USD 2.1 trillion for the digital industry.”

Mark Knickrehm
Group Chief Executive, Accenture Strategy